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a lot of my friends are getting this dating sim for xmas and i am really excited!!!
some time ago someone asked if i could make a sort of beginners guide so i've been wanting to do this forever (i remember the pain of trying to figure things out between reading the ign guide and frantically asking twitter) but im sooo late..... well here i am for the second wave SWEATS

THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL GUIDE because there's real walkthroughs out there in the wilds of the internet...... this is more like covering all the (not so) stupid questions that my friends and i have asked because fe:a really does not like to explain anything useful. SO IF YOU SEE A BULLET POINT THATS LIKE "why are you explaining this" SHHH I OR SOMEONE I KNOW PROBABLY ASKED THAT EXACT THING

also casually inserting my Opinions

first of all your bff is serene's forest
pretty much all the basic and nerd info is there. its amazing.

good intro pages:

when you start a new game these are the difficulty options:
  • normal -- don't freak out that there isn't an "easy" mode because this is it. it's a little clumsy in the beginning if you're totally new to FE and you might have to reset (L+R+start) a few times but IT'S NOT FIRE EMBLEM WITHOUT RESETTING MAPS!!!! it'll get way easier once you're a couple chapters in. like hilariously easy.
  • hard -- these fuckin starbucks size names... hard is more like moderate difficulty, the main difference is that its more expensive to grind but it still gets WAY easier late in game
  • lunatic -- speaks for itself, its pretty heavy on luck even if u have impeccable strategy so.. just.. very painful?? and if you finish the game on lunatic you can unlock lunatic+ for more death and despair!!
and you get to choose between
  • casual -- let them die it's ok they'll come back
  • classic -- when they die THEY DIE FOR REAL, FOREVER
even if i weren't shit at video games i would prefer awakening on casual at least to start out because 1) i'm in love with 90% of the characters you'll miss out on a lot if they die and 2) you might end up losing a lot of children units before they can even be conceived bc your units have to HETERO MARRY and the children are really cute killing machines

but classic is The Fire Emblem Experience, in almost all the games prior you didn't have a choice at all. so if you're into that...

have fun spending 50000 hours just on the character creation page

robin/my unit is a character with backstory and personality!! so if you're gonna feel weird about shipping them with everyone maybe don't name them after yourself. learn from my mistakes

you can apparently name them triangle, like just a triangle shape. im not sure i would recommend but i will mention it here. thanks may

picking hair color: male avatar passes down his hair color to one of his kids if he ends up with two, but female avatar's hair ends up never getting inherited

also important: this game doesn't believe in gay marriage so if you already have your eye on someone, pick... the gender that they are not so u can straight marry them

your MU is gonna start out as a tactician (dual sword/magic user) but pretty soon in the game you can reclass to something else if you want. MU is one of like three characters with the potential to class change into ALMOST ANYTHING (minus gender locked/special classes) so it's cool, you can just ditch either of your starting weapons if you know what you want. the other two characters with a shit ton of class options are your kids

the story cutscenes will use the models of whatever class everyone is currently so u can laugh when theres a really serious moment and ppl are dressed like turtles because you made them generals

male only: barbarian, fighter, berserker, warrior
female only: troubadour, valkyrie, pegasus knight, falcon knight, dark flier

so for example if you decide you don't want to be a magic user you can choose strength for asset and magic for flaw or something

i usually go with speed/asset and luck/flaw because high speed means you can strike twice with one attack more often, and luck is not that consequential


misc early game info:
  • this seems really obvious in retrospect but i didn't realize this until halfway through the game: when you hit "view map" and select units with A, you can rearrange their starting positions before battle. i think they forgot to add this in the built-in guides but it makes life soooo much easier.....
  • when paired up you can switch back and forth between units from the action menu and still have a chance to attack/use items etc. i also realized this pretty late because i would always go straight for the attack by selecting an enemy instead of an adjacent tile
  • you can turn off the battle animations, NORI, by hitting A on any unoccupied tile or R from the preparations screen. if you still want to see individual animations to witness your units murdering bosses/streetpass clones, you can hold down L as you attack!!
  • hold down A to have enemies speed up movement and B to skip the sprite attack animations. press start to skip everything (or at least until a level up/etc) that shit gets boring
  • cycle through all the enemies' info by hitting L!! you can also highlight specific enemies' attack ranges by hitting x and then clicking on the enemies you need to keep an eye on (like archers or units holding wyrmslayers etc)
  • "Mt" means "weapon might" aka how strong it is, total attack is calculated with (your str or mag) + (weapon mt) - (enemy def or res)
  • to have units hold weapons but not attack, you can just select whatever's equipped and hit remove. that way in a pinch they can reequip them and have something to defend themselves with instead of tossing them into danger without any items at all lmao
  • the convoy is like the rest of your inventory, only chrom can access the convoy in battle along with anyone who is paired w/ him or standing beside him; it's also only once per turn so grab everything you need in one go
  • totally step on the sparkly tiles they give you exp/items/support points and stuff. there's usually two per map in fixed locations, some of the DLCs have a million
  • if you want to build support points with seeds of trust omfg don't just have them hold the seeds, they have to be paired up in battle and then actually USE up the seed like an item and a little sparkly animation will play around them
  • you would think dark knights and dark fliers could use dark magic......but they can't.... dark tomes are pretty overpowered w/ the hp recovery so only dark mages & sorcerers have access. the "dark" is a big fuckin lie and dark knights arent cool
  • you can use parallel falchion and exalted falchion as an ITEM to heal 20hp just stab yourself trust me

  • frederick is an FE archetype character who seems super strong in the early chapters but once you progress you realize that his stats are pretty abysmal for a great knight. he's great with helping to murder people at first but it's important to let your other units take the kill when they can and not have frederick absorb all the exp because he'll fall behind fast (sorry freddy), he can still stay decent but is at a disadvantage compared to everyone else stat wise.... ALSO consider giving him a bronze/iron lance or something and save his silver lance to use on stronger enemies because it's hard to find silver weapons for a while
  • panne and nowi might break their beast/dragonstones before you can buy more, you can always reclass them (i like wyvern lord/griffon rider) but god manaketes are really good so you'll want more rocks. in ch10 mustafa drops a beaststone and in ch11 gangrel drops a dragonstone; you can buy beaststones and dragonstones after ch12 at port ferox
  • you can also buy master seals regularly after ch12, and second seals after ch16 at mila tree or once you've completed paralogues 6, 10, or 16 (which appear after ch13). life is so hard. if you see anna the merchant pop up with seals early on, grab them while you can
  • SOME PEOPLE STRAIGHT UP DON'T HAVE SUPPORTS WITH EACH OTHER (EVEN THOUGH THEY SHOULD), watch for the little hearts that pop up after a kill to make sure they're even gaining support points lest you pair up people for chapters and chapters before realizing they're not going to talk to each other NOT THAT I'M BITTER OR ANYTHING
  • grinding healers can be a pain but carrion isle (ch13) is a pretty good place to make a chokehold and repeatedly heal someone who is taking a lot of hits... or surround your healer on all sides with units who can take a hit. OR if you can afford it, get a shit ton of rescue staves and rescue other units over and over bc this gives more exp at once than mend. you might want to drag chrom along so you can grab more rescues from the convoy
  • every single choice that they give you (until the very end, you'll know it when you see it) is not really going to affect the story don't panic. it'll change the dialogue a little but ultimately the outcomes are the same
  • stats that turn green mean they've been maxed out

  • green chapters are paralogues -- extra chapters that can be played out of order so do them whenever you feel like it. later on in the game these are where the children will show up
    • paralogue 3 (a strangled peace) is a fucking pain in the ass so you actually might want to wait a bit before doing it... this is the one where you have to save three villagers from dying but they keep running directly into danger so you have to obliterate everything in their path and/or rescue them away from attack ranges constantly. saving 1 villager gets you a seraph robe, and 2nd/3rd villagers saved give you a log (lance w/ mt 1) and a ladle (axe w/ mt 1) so if your cold heart doesn't care, just save one
  • the little enemy sprites are skirmishes, they initiate risen battles and you can use these to grind. from most of them you can get a dropped weapon or two and some small bullions to sell for gold
  • the little green merchants sell special items and offer sales. once you make any kind of transaction she'll poof away so buy while you can!! stuff you should jump at the chance to buy:
    • (early game before you can buy regularly) master & second seals
    • seraph robe -- max hp +5
    • energy drop -- strength +2
    • spirit dust -- magic +2
    • secret book -- skill +2
    • speedwing -- speed +2
    • goddess icon -- luck +2
    • dracoshield -- defense +2
    • talisman -- resistance +2
    • arms scroll -- boosts weapon exp one level if you're lazy like me
    • hammerne -- maybe. restores legendary weapons and stuff back to max use if you actually use them
  • skirmishes and merchants appear and poof away when enough time passes (or when you complete a chapter i think)
  • also, regular shopkeeps and merchants give you access to the forge which is where you can rename your weapons stupid things for free and pay to strengthen up your weapons. it can get expensive and there's no way to restock forged weapons (even if you only renamed it) but it's a great way to give strong weapons to units who are E-rank, give them like a tree branch and max out the MT!! OR IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE WITH ARMSTHRIFT you can forge v strong weapons and make them last
  • streetpass teams show up as green MUs and you can do ONE of the actions available (so if you buy from their shop they'll poof without a chance to fight/recruit etc) except when you defeat them in a fight, after which you can recruit them for free (they don't come with their items or anything but it's fun to recruit your friends ngl)
  • when two sprites appear on the same spot it's like hell yeah
    • enemy/enemy -- A SHITTON OF RISEN TO DESTROY and you get gold/item as a reward
    • enemy/merchant -- merchant shows up on the map and if you save her from dying you get gold/item i think?? and you can buy from her normally afterward
    • enemy/streetpass -- the streetpass team will help you battle the risen and you can talk to them afterward. but sometimes they disappear without a word after the battle??? i don't know why i haven't looked into it (this is not very hell yeah bc if the streetpass team is strong they'll just hog all the exp)


lmao so many mistakes, so many regrets
worth noting that in casual mode USUALLY as soon as they are recruited it should be fine if they die because they'll come back, the important part is not killing them as an ally/enemy
  • kellam is the first character you have to manually recruit and it's somewhat misleading because he starts out as an ally. you have to go talk to him with chrom to have him actually join, otherwise he'll be left behind in the snow once the battle is over. if you ignore him the enemies ignore him too it's hilarious
  • gaius starts as an enemy so you have to go talk to him with chrom really fast before he tries to attack someone and dies. (maybe pair up chrom with someone who can move far and switch to talk) note: gaius is a thief and has the skill locktouch so you can use him to open doors/chests without keys by standing next to a locked thing and selecting it. DON'T KILL GAIUS!!!!!! GAIUS IS THE BEST....
  • donnel is also kind of misleading. not only do you have to keep him alive throughout the paralogue, but he also has to GAIN A LEVEL before the end of the battle to be recruited or otherwise he'll stay on the farm. you have to be pretty careful and whittle down enemies' health before letting donnel deliver the killing blows!! you can also trap an archer in the middle of four units and just let him go at them bc they won't be able to move or strike back. donnel has a lot of potential to become a strong unit and father strong kids so it's probably worth the trouble getting this little nerd (casual mode note: as long as he gains a level you can just let him die afterward. source: avery did the thing)
  • libra and tharja have to talk to chrom, libra is an ally and tharja is an enemy
  • anna from paralogue 4 is the one you can recruit (the one in para 2 is her sister ??), talk to chrom
  • say'ri has to talk to chrom but by the time you get to her you know the drill
  • tiki is recruited after completing paralogue 17 at the divine dragon grounds; this map is totally defensive because you have to keep tiki alive through like a million waves of reinforcements so just form a wall around her with your units and hold the fort until the reinforcements stop coming
children recruitment deets in the children section i guess

ok this took me forever to really understand but basically
  • you can use a master seal once you hit lv10 to a promoted class for higher stats and better skills
  • you can use a second seal:
    • as a base class once you hit lv10 to another base class
    • as a promoted class anytime to a base class
    • as a promoted class once you hit lv10 to another promoted class
    • at max level (20 for most classes, 30 for special) back into the same class to gain more exp
  • i recommend waiting to use master seal until you're maxed at lv20 for easier stat building, unless its TEDIOUS AS FUCK like olivia in dancer class. dont feel too pressured to max them all, they just gain exp faster as base classes
  • if you're going to use second seal i would use it as soon as you get to lv10 or 15, depending on the skills you want (see skill chart)
  • the more you use second seal, the higher your internal level builds up which makes it gradually harder to gain exp (i think. the math still kinda gives me a headache) and eventually even the strongest enemy kills will only get you like 8exp each, so its worth planning it out a little
  • special classes are kinda weird: dancer, villager, taguel and manakete all max out at lv30 and don't promote, but you can always second seal like manakete → manakete in order to keep building stats
the only dancer and villager you get are olivia and donnel so i'm just gonna describe my training regimen for them as an example:
  • olivia: dancer lv10 → pegasus knight lv20 → dark flier lv15 (GALEFORCE) → anything you like
  • donnel: villager lv10 → mercenary lv20 → hero
  • alternatively if you max a special class you can promote w/ second seal I.E. dancer lv30 → dark flier and villager lv30 → hero. that route is a little more trouble than it's worth anyway just because dancer and villager are pretty fragile classes, and you can pick up p good skills from pegknight/mercenary

ok i keep talking about galeforce i should explain: galeforce gives you an extra action in the same turn if you've made a kill which can be invaluable in this fancy chess game where every move can count

sort of a big deal just because pegasus knight and its promoted classes are gender locked and not even available to all the female units, but if you play your cards right you can distribute galeforce to as many child units as possible

the last skill listed in their skill list is passed down immediately to children so mothers can give their sons galeforce by shuffling the skills around

female children who can't normally reclass to pegknight can inherit the class set from gaius, donnel or male MU so that they can become dark fliers and obtain it manually

how 2 get galeforce:
  • owain -- lissa passes down
  • inigo -- olivia passes down
  • brady -- maribelle passes down
  • kjelle -- sully marries gaius/donnel/mmu
  • cynthia -- sumia passes down or can obtain herself
  • severa -- cordelia passes down or can obtain herself
  • gerome -- can't obtain in any way
  • yarne -- can't obtain
  • laurent -- can't obtain
  • noire -- tharja marries gaius/donnel/mmu
  • nah -- nowi marries gaius/donnel/mmu
  • morgan (m) -- female MU passes down
  • morgan (f) -- mother passes down if possible or can obtain herself
  • lucina -- mother passes down (by ch13) or can obtain herself UNLESS chrom marries sully or nameless village maiden


here it is
ive made a huge mistake

plot point: chrom has to marry someone by the end of chapter 11. if he isn't married yet he will trigger an auto-marriage with whichever of his suitors has the highest support so manipulate that shit fast before this idiot panics and proposes to the first person off the top of his head

potential wives:
  • olivia
  • sumia
  • sully
  • maribelle
  • female MU
  • nameless village maiden
so if your femu accidentally achieved A-support with chrom and everyone else is at B or lower he is gonna marry you and it's a really cute scene but your dating life is over

if he's at C-support with maribelle and no one else has talked to him he'll marry maribelle

if he hasn't unlocked supports or gotten enough tiny hearts with any of them, or if everyone else is already married/dead, chrom will marry nameless village maiden which is my favorite thing ever

if two of the wives are somehow exactly tied one of them has priority over the other in order of that list (I THINK) so sumia and sully with the exact same amt of support points → sumia

TO GET HIM TO MARRY OLIVIA IS NERVEWRACKING since they dont reveal until the next chapter?? but if i can do it so can you. blue haired rightful king prince inigo is worth it and also they are hilarious i love them
  • hopefully chrom hasn't unlocked supports with any of his suitors ever. if you (like me) fucked up because you only started reading about this right before starting ch11, you can quickly marry off anyone who he might propose to by support grinding on map skirmishes. just send the two lovebirds into a map by themselves, pair up and kill everyone until they are married
  • olivia joins you as soon as the ch11 battle starts so you can pair her up with chrom for the entirety of the battle
  • im back after a year to edit this: i forgot GANGREL ISNT STATIONARY and he will come try to kill you so if you wanna have olivia dance for chrom some more , try and leave an enemy archer alive to chase a strong sword user or something
  • save before ending the chapter if u can................
here's someone's detailed olivia explanation (ty):
As long as Chrom doesn't have any support ranks with his potential wives by Chapter 11 (even if the C rank conversations are unlocked and available to view), he can marry Olivia, because she actually has the highest priority of Chrom's possible wives.

Chrom just needs to gain about 18 support points with Olivia by the end of Chapter 11 in order to marry her. Dancing will take a while, since it only gives about 2 points each dance (so it'll take about 9 turns). Pairing them up and fighting gives them 6 points each battle, so it's definitely the faster option (aside from using Seeds of Trust or activating a conversation on a sparkly tile, which give 9 points each).


god i should have put the galeforce section here but that had such a good lead-in to chrom's disaster so i'll just leave it i'm not organized

quick first things:
  • serenes forest intro
  • characters that produce a child if married: chrom, MU, lissa, sumia, sully, miriel, maribelle, panne, cordelia, tharja, olivia, nowi & cherche
  • male MU gets female morgan, female MU gets male morgan
  • the children inherit the hair color of the father except fem morgan who inherits her mother's hair color
  • sumia has a TINY SUPPORT LIST AND IM MAD so it's totally possible to accidentally cut off all her possible marriages (married all 4-5 dudes to other ppl) and never be able to recruit cynthia, so her marriage should probably be planned early on....... her possible husbands:
    • male mu
    • chrom
    • frederick
    • gaius
    • henry
  • may's marriage planning chart on google docs!
  • and my janky chart with portraits

basically you can marry up your characters at any point, and once you finish ch13 new paralogues will appear on the map for the corresponding child chapters!!

sometimes you can't reach the chapters until you're at a certain point though which is why some don't show up until later, even if the mother is married. see this page to figure out what you have to unlock first

paralogue list (this info is easily searchable but the chapter titles are diff from the location and i got annoyed cross-referencing to make sure):
  • lucina -- automatically after finishing ch13
  • owain -- SAGE'S HAMLET / p5 scion of legend / ally, talk with chrom or lissa
  • inigo -- GREAT GATE / p6 a man for flowers / ally, chrom or olivia
  • brady -- MILA SHRINE RUINS / p7 noble lineage / ally, chrom or maribelle
  • kjelle -- DUELLING GROUNDS / p8 a duel disgraced / ally, chrom or sully
  • cynthia -- VERDANT FOREST / p9 wings of justice / enemy, chrom or sumia
  • severa -- MERCENARY FORTRESS / p10 ambivalence / ally, talking to her with chrom/cordelia isn't enough YOU HAVE TO LET HER GET TO HOLLAND AND TALK TO HIM BEFORE KILLING THE COMMANDER
  • gerome -- WYVERN VALLEY / p11 twin wyverns / ally, chrom or cherche
  • morgan -- THE RUINS OF TIME / p12 disowned by time / ally, chrom or MU
  • yarne -- LAW'S END / p13 rival bands / ally if helping stonewall knights, enemy otherwise, chrom or panne
  • laurent -- DESERT OASIS / p14 shadow in the sands / ally, chrom or miriel visits the bottom-left village
  • noire -- KIDNAPPER'S KEEP / p15 a shot from the dark / ally, auto joins on turn 2
  • nah -- MANOR OF LOST SOULS / p16 daughter to dragons / ally, chrom or nowi

  • each child inherits the LAST EQUIPPED SKILL (the one in the middle, or last on the list under "equip skills") have everything in place before starting the chapter (except for chrom's kids - no matter what male inherits rightful king and female inherits aether don't bother arranging his skills or even GETTING rightful king/aether)
  • if you accidentally started the chapter without rearranging skills or grinding parents you can always just exit the map and start it again, the child's stats will be updated to reflect the adjustments
  • all of them show up at lv10 in their base class, starting stats depend on how strong their parents are, so sometimes they can fend for themselves but usually if it's a brutal paralogue the kid will just die before you can recruit them. you can usually get around this by either using rescue staves to pull them closer, or ferrying chrom/mother over to them with a flying unit and switching so that they'll talk!! even safer if the flier has deliverer or galeforce
  • owain -- in his chapter if you make him go talk to the dude in the bottom right building he will get the OWAIN ONLY sword missiletainn!!! it's not actually legendary. owain is just very excited. but it's still hilarious so you should get it
  • cynthia -- almost everyone ends up killing cynthia because it's so hard not to..... it's been a while since i did this map but it probably is best if you galeforce/deliverer your way over to her because her range is pretty wide and if you wait too close to her with a weapon equipped she'll try to attack you and die. but unequipping a weapon will probably end up with YOU dead from all the enemies unless your unit is TANKY strong
  • severa -- so many people accidentally miss recruiting severa too (I ALWAYS FORGET BC MY INSTINCT IS TO KILL EVERYONE), she absolutely has to talk to holland or she won't join, it would be useful to bring fast moving units to clear the path ahead of her, someone with locktouch to unlock the door, and MAYBE someone to rescue her closer if you're impatient. do not kill that commander dude until the very end
  • yarne -- also dies a lot, his paralogue is stressful lol
    • if you choose to help the KNIGHTS, yarne will be your ally and you can visit the villages with beast killer & dracoshield
    • if you choose to help the RIDERS, yarne will be an enemy and you can visit the villages with hammer & energy drop
    • if you choose to help NEITHER, yarne will be an enemy and five million more enemies will appear out of nowhere but you can visit all four villages and also get a shitton of money as a reward (i think more than the two teams offer you combined)
  • laurent -- his paralogue is just kinda confusing because the villages appear one by one or something but the sand shouldn't deter flying units or mages. if you visit all four, you can get a goddess staff by sending someone to stand two spaces down and one space left of the boss
  • should i explain class inheritance i feel like the SF link above does it pretty well. i guess if you wanna plan out some skillsets that you want the kids to have (ex. i really like noire with pass so she doesn't get trapped as a bow user so i want to pair tharja with someone who has thief/myrmidon) you can glance at the parents' class sets to see what you need

uuhhh i remember being overwhelmed by the skill list when i was first looking at it so i'm just gonna list some of my favs if u don't mind
f* for female only, m* for male only, but can be passed down to children
  • f* galeforce (dark flier lv15) - duh i wrote a whole section
  • ignis (grandmaster lv5) - adds half str/mag value to damage depending if you're using physical or magical attacks (only accessible by MU's kids but yooo i love ignis..)
  • aegis (paladin lv15) - halves damage from bows, tomes and dragonstones
  • pavise (general lv15) - halves damage from swords, lances, axes and beaststones (tbh the more useful of the two but i hate slow moving units so much i almost never bother changing to general.........)
  • luna (great knight lv15) - ignores half the enemy's def or res
  • sol (hero lv5) - recover hp of half the damage dealt
  • astra (swordmaster lv5) - deals 5 consecutive hits with half damage each (2.5x normal damage) with only 1 weapon use
  • swordfaire (swordmaster lv15) - str+5 when equipped with a sword, mag+5 with levin sword
  • m* counter (warrior lv15) - returns damage when attacked by an adjacent enemy (unless u die)
  • m* axefaire (berserker lv15) - str+5 when equipped with an axe, mag+5 with bolt axe
  • bowfaire (sniper lv15) - str+5 when equipped with a bow
  • lethality (assassin lv5) - instantly defeats the enemy (low activation rate of skill/4% but some units have rly high skill so)
  • f* lancefaire (falcon knight lv15) - str+5 when equipped with a lance, mag+5 with shockstick
  • deliverer (griffon rider lv5) - mov+2 when paired up
  • tomefaire (sage lv15) - mag+5 when equipped with a tome
  • lifetaker (dark knight lv15) - recovers 50% hp after defeating an enemy during the user's turn
  • renewal (war monk/cleric lv15) - recovers 30% hp at start of user's turn
  • limit breaker (dlc only by completing rogues&redeemers 3) - raises stat caps by 10 (can't be inherited but you can use the item on anyone)
aaand maybe useful to fill out skillsets
  • dual guard+ (great knight lv15) - adds 10% to dual guard rate (good for units who are gonna support a lot)
  • vantage (myrmidon lv10) - when under half hp, always attack first during enemy's turn
  • armsthrift (mercenary lv1) - attack doesn't reduce weapon use (if luck > 50 you'll literally never use up a weapon)
  • axebreaker (hero lv15) - hit/avoid+50 when the enemy is equipped with an axe (good for armored units bc of hammer i guess)
  • m* despoil (barbarian lv1) - killing an enemy obtains small bullion (if you find obtaining gold is hard)
  • bowbreaker (bow knight lv15) - hit/avo+50 when the enemy is equipped with a bow (good for flying units)
  • locktouch (thief lv1) - can open doors/chests
  • pass (assassin lv15) - can pass through enemy tiles (useful for bow users who will get surrounded)
  • acrobat (trickster lv15) - can move across any kind of terrain with 1mov per tile (sand etc doesnt slow down, can cross water easily without flying)
  • swordbreaker (wyvern lord lv15) - hit/avo+50 when the enemy is equipped with a sword (good for units w/ dragon weaknesses because of wyrmslayers maybe? but they're not that common)
  • lancebreaker (griffon rider lv15) - hit/avo+50 when the enemy is equipped with a lance (good for beast weaknesses bc of beast killers but again not that common. breaker skills are good in general tho)
  • vengeance (sorcerer lv5) - adds half accrued damage (HIGH activation rate of sklx2% but if you're a sorcerer you're always gaining hp back anyway??? this is kind of pointless on most of my units)
  • tomebreaker (sorcerer lv15) - hit/avo+50 when the enemy is equipped with a tome
  • f* dual support+ (valkyrie lv15) - increases support bonuses
  • aptitude (villager lv1) - adds 20% to all growth rates (BUILD STATS SO FAST)
as for outrealm skills besides limit breaker these are kinda cool idk:
  • aggressor (dread fighter lv15) - attack +10 during the user's turn
  • bond (bride lv15) - restores 10hp to all allies within 3 tiles at start of the user's turn
  • iote's shield (dlc only by completing smash brethren 3) - negates user's flying type weakness
also here's a dlc quick reference i wrote if you want:

Battle Animations...

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Just a slight correction... on my Japanese and English copies, if you want to see or skip the battle animation (depending on your current setting), you hold L, not R.
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also wow i did not know about half of this wow what game did i play through?!?!
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loOK THIS WAS MY FIRST.... FE GAme so..... cries now i want to do another proper play through...

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The requirements to marry Chrom to Olivia aren't as stringent as that.

As long as Chrom doesn't have any support ranks with his potential wives by Chapter 11 (even if the C rank conversations are unlocked and available to view), he can marry Olivia, because she actually has the highest priority of Chrom's possible wives.

Chrom just needs to gain about 18 support points with Olivia by the end of Chapter 11 in order to marry her. Dancing will take a while, since it only gives about 2 points each dance (so it'll take about 9 turns). Pairing them up and fighting gives them 6 points each battle, so it's definitely the faster option (aside from using Seeds of Trust or activating a conversation on a sparkly tile, which give 9 points each).

this is a lot of words about video game marriages sorry

i am embarrassingly knowledgeable about chrom's forced marriage
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I'm already a big FE fan but this was an excellent way of explaining things to newbies. HI5
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This is a really cute guide! (I like the illustrations)

Oh also this seems obvious but I know at least one newbie didn't realize Chrom had to talk to Kellam to recruit him (since everyone else automatically joined) so there's that.

When you get around to the kiddo recruitment, Severa definitely needs bolding with her mandatory talk-to-npc shenanigans.

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i hope it's okay that i ask a dumb question omfg
for chrom's marriage, does getting the sufficient points w/ olivia during the chp. 11 battle guarantee marriage w her? bc my chrom has support class c w/ sumia, and they've talked once. but, if i get those 18 points during the battle, can chrom still marry olivia despite his support w/ sumia? hope im making sense ;;

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I WAS ABLE TO MARRY SUMIA OFF TO FREDERICK BEFORE CHAPTER 11 SO IT'S ALL GOOD. at first i thought i had gotten chrom to marry the random village women but he married olivia... frickin' chrom
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Wao using my DW just to tell u how fucking embarrassing you are wao wao

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It's actually embarrassing how many times I've played FE though already since Christmas but I totally learned about being able to move and switch around where your people are yesterday. I feel you.

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i'm sorry to inform you, but some of this information is incorrect.
you say some of the children you CANNOT obtain, but you can obtain literally all of them and you can marry anyone in this game. i'm sorry if this is outdated information and you may know better by now, but i wanted to let you know you can obtain all the children, and that anyone can marry anyone of the opposite gender. thanks.

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You should have included that you can have more than 5 unused skills. It wasn't until I was doing the post-game stuff in my second playthrough on Lunatic that my friend told me that.